“I put a piece of my heart into every single print and design I create.”

What is Jamido?

Jamido is a creative studio where, for the past five years, I’ve created unique prints on linen fabrics. I’ve come a long way to get here, from my studies at the Academy of Arts to my own exhibitions.

At Jamido, we create unique items for you and your home, including dresses and shawls as well as curtains and linens for the bed and table. All of them are made from natural linen fabrics with authentic nature-themed prints.

What makes our prints unique?

The prints are applied onto high-quality fabric using screen-printing technology. I derive my images from the natural realms of forests and fields, which I experience while travelling the world or simply dreaming about warmth and sunshine from my balcony. For printing, I use special fabric screen-printing inks that are optimized for clothing and home goods. These inks stay intact even with prolonged wear and frequent washing.

How do I print?

I use screen-printing technology to apply the prints to the fabrics. It allows me to transfer each and every nuance of the color of the intended pattern to the fabric. Every detail is applied manually, so each of the items becomes essentially unique and one of a kind. Prints are applied directly to the fabric, from which various items are cut, making it possible to create custom-made articles by using certain fabric colors and selected print combinations.

Why do I use linen?

Linen fabric has several unique properties: First, it doesn’t need ironing but each wash makes it softer and more pleasant to the touch, especially if you use a fabric softener. Linen perfectly absorbs moisture, dries quickly and has antibacterial properties. Linen clothing keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Linen is also a truly Belarusian fabric. I get my inspiration for prints from the infinite richness of nature in Belarus. My country is a top producer of high-quality linen, and I just do my part to make it more beautiful.

Who am I?

I’m an artist, dreamer and creator. I like to surround myself with things that are beautiful as well as practical. I’m particularly inspired by textiles. I hope that everyone will be able to find something for themselves and their homes and wardrobes in the Jamido catalog. I would be very happy to see all of this site’s visitors become our new and regular customers.

What I dream of?

I daydream constantly: be it about sunny weather, new unique prints, or an everlasting spring of ideas that would make me never run out of inspiration. My dream is to have enough time for all my projects and to see women in Jamido dresses on the streets more often. I also dream of my own cozy little store where you can visit; a place where you can see, touch, try and buy my items.

I dream of traveling all over the world and seeing the most beautiful gardens and parks, so that I can bring home new ideas for my fabrics and designs. My dream is to grow a garden that will become a source of my inspiration for years to come.